Captain Midnight #0 Has Special Dark Horse Powers

I really enjoy working with Dark Horse. They have an incredibly responsive Publicity Coordinator and great communication about all the books they have coming out. They make it easy to get digital review copies of all of their upcoming publications — which are, understandably, watermarked to make them of less interest to those who might share without permission. This occasionally gets in the way of appreciating some great art, but I understand the compromise. And sometimes, it means a funny coincidence, as in this panel from the upcoming Captain Midnight #0, due out June 19.

Captain Midnight panel

OK, that’s low humor, but it made me laugh. Captain Midnight #0 is by Joshua Williamson, Victor Ibáñez, and Pere Pérez and collects the three stories from Dark Horse Presents #18-20 revamping the classic radio and movie serial hero.

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