June 2013 Previews: Aliens, Houses, Couch Surfing, Winemaking, and Ooku’s Return

Resident Alien: The Suicide Blonde #0 coverBad Houses cover
Resident Alien: The Suicide Blonde #0Bad Houses
by Peter Hogan & Steve Parkhouseby Sara Ryan & Carla Speed McNeil
Dark Horse, $3.99 USDark Horse, $19.99 US
JUN13 0055, due August 14JUN13 0062, due October 30
Glad to see another Resident Alien miniseries, since I enjoyed the first one, and it’s a great concept. The grumpy doctor in a small town is an alien trying to stay undercover, and he keeps getting dragged into mysteries. The creators do good character work, sketching the townspeople briefly but with detail.I’ve been waiting to see this for a while — two dynamite creators team up to explore a town through its failing property sales. Carla Speed McNeil is well-known for Finder, and Sara Ryan has written some award-nominated minicomics and young adult prose with notably authentic voices.
Red Eye, Black Eye coverThe Initiates cover
Red Eye, Black EyeThe Initiates
by K. Thor Jensenby Etienne Davodeau
Alternative Comics, $19.95 USNBM, $29.99 US
JUN13 0718, due AugustJUN13 1206, due July
The newly relaunched Alternative (now under new ownership) is bringing this graphic novel (which I previously reviewed) back into print, about Jensen’s country-wide couch surfing road trip. It’s the kind of experience I’d never have, so it was particularly interesting to read about.Speaking of relists, I recommend this one, a great blend exploring the crafts of winemaking and cartooning. Totally unusual and perfectly comics.
Ooku: The Inner Chambers Book 8 coverHawkeye Volume 1 cover
Ooku: The Inner Chambers Book 8Hawkeye Volume 1 hardcover
by Fumi Yoshinagaby Matt Fraction, David Aja, and others
Viz, $12.99 USMarvel, $34.99 US
JUN13 1365, due SeptemberJUN13 0677, due November
We don’t get much Yoshinaga manga over here any more, but I’m signed onto this series so long as it comes out, even if it is only once a year. Her work is so lovely and thought-provoking, with more revealed on each reading. The alternate history, where most men died out so the remaining become precious commodities, is fascinating.The best superhero comic out now has its first hardcover collection. It’s pricey, but it includes the first 11 issues of the series, plus Young Avengers Presents #6, a focus on the Kate Bishop Hawkeye. Some great adventure reading, plus impressive design, making the pages beautiful as well as exciting.
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