Manga Out Loud Returns One Last Time to Discuss Time of Eve

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For those of you who’ve missed us, Ed and I reunited for a special one-off episode of the Manga Out Loud podcast. We were joined by science fiction author Tim Maughan to discuss the anime Time of EVE. (Ed promised to do this as a way of promoting the currently-running Kickstarter to get the movie on Blu-ray in the US and UK. It’s currently over 6 1/2 times its original goal of $18,000.)

As we used to, Ed and I discuss current manga news during the first 20-some minutes, plus what we’ve been reading (or in my case, looking forward to reading). Then Tim joins us for over an hour of discussing Time of EVe and director Yasuhiro Yoshiura’s other works. The story, available in six 20-minute episodes (at Crunchyroll, although only the first is free) or as a recut movie (at iTunes), is about a cafe where humans and androids talk together, pondering the nature of humanity and identity.

Be sure to let Ed know how much you enjoyed listening in the hopes that he’ll be willing to do it again. I tease — it’s easy for me to say how much I’ve missed participating in the show when he was the one doing all the technical work. But I do miss it.

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  1. This is great news. I find it very innovative to use Kickstarter to both promote and collect means to make a movie possible. The screenshots look absolutely amazing.

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