Would You Pay $10 to Have Your Comics Brought to You?

Robot 6 reports on a new Manhattan delivery service. Zipments is working with Midtown Comics to sign up users for their delivery program. For a fee of $9.99 (special offer $4.99 for the first order), you can select your comics on the website, then get them brought to you on Wednesday. You can also order back issues from the past month.

Midtown Comics logo

It’s about time someone did something like that in a dense urban area (which makes it economically viable). Instant gratification, like digital provides, with the added bonus of an actual print item.

Based on their website, Midtown offers 15% off, which makes a $3.99 comic $3.39, for a 60-cent savings. Which means, if you order 17 or more comics, you’ve paid for the delivery fee. For heavy users, this could be great. However, you don’t get to browse the same way. A lot of subscribers like their Wednesday pilgrimages, becoming a regular, saying hi to the staff, and scanning the shelves.

Would you be interested in such a service, if you live in a city?

6 Responses to “Would You Pay $10 to Have Your Comics Brought to You?”

  1. Nick Says:

    Discount Comic Service has been doing this well for years. Available nationally. I’ve used them quite happily, though it is a preorder system which isn’t for all.

  2. Eric Phipps Says:

    I do live in NYC and I go to Midtown for my wed picks but I wouldn’t use this because I also take the time to browse Midtown’s extensive clearance section. The browsing is an important competent of my comic shopping experience.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Nick, as you point out, the difference here is that you can preorder the day before, instead of two months prior. So you can know more accurately what you’re interested in reading now.

    Eric, oh, I didn’t realize they had a big sale section. It’s been a while since I’ve been there.

  4. John Platt Says:

    If I were still buying a boatload of comics and if I lived in a metro area, I would totally do this. There’s something great about the camaraderie of going to a comics shop, but some of us are busy. (I’ve been ordering from Westfield Comics for 25 years now. Getting the monthly box is cool, but the lack of immediacy means the comics do tend to pile up, at least for me.)

  5. Johanna Says:

    That is very much the problem I have, even getting weekly locally. I feel like I should read them, but it’s hard to get enthusiastic. It’s totally a self-created problem, though, since if it’s a chore, I should buy fewer issues!

  6. Dwight Williams Says:

    I remember a comics dealer or two who used to do this in east Ottawa. Of course, a suburban borough of any Canadian city isn’t the same as being right in the middle of NYC, is it?




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