Archie Gets Unexpected Artists to Do Variant Covers

Last week, Archie released two variant covers I found quite striking. Betty and Veronica #266, a fairy tale story, featured this alternate by Jill Thompson.

Betty and Veronica #266 variant cover by Jill Thompson

Betty and Veronica #266 variant cover by Jill Thompson

Thompson has done at least one Archie Comics variant cover before, for Archie #635, the “Occupy Riverdale” story from last summer. It takes a little bit for me to get used to seeing the characters in such detailed painted form, but they’re lovely that way.

Meanwhile, Life With Archie #30 featured this detailed Phil Jimenez variant that reminded me of the amazing spreads he used to do for DC Secret Files. Can you identify all the characters? I can’t!

Life With Archie #30 variant cover by Phil Jimenez

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One Response to “Archie Gets Unexpected Artists to Do Variant Covers”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Love those covers! Phil’s hmm…love the smarminess of Veronica. Diltin looks like a teenage Clark Kent. Cheryl Blossom looks like a mean Mary Jane Watson.

    Did you see the Walter Simonson Thor pastiche Archie variant?

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