Comic Critics on Hiatus; Last Strip Makes Great Points About Burnout

I wondered, when I saw today’s Comic Critics strip, if it was intended as a meta-announcement. In it, Josh talks about how bored he’s become with his usual comics, so he’s putting his review blog on hold for a while. Now, it’s been confirmed — the webcomic itself, by Sean Whitmore and Brandon Hanvey, is also going on hiatus. It’s for the usual reasons — real life demands, risk of burnout, need to recharge…

Comic Critics by Sean Whitmore and Brandon Hanvey

Yes, I am using this panel because it shows

I hadn’t realized it had been running for five years. I enjoyed reading about the characters of Josh, the more typical superhero fanboy and comic retail clerk, and Marissa, who read indies. The creators often took funny-because-they’re-true potshots at the comic industry; it was neat to see someone in comic form I could agree with. (And the concerns here about losing enthusiasm, that’s something I can relate to, too.) The comic wasn’t self-congratulatory or too convinced of its own coolness, though.

Anyway, I hope the graphic novel they mention does come to pass. I’d read it. If not, well, it’s been five years of free entertainment. In another few, what a time capsule of memories the site will be.

(Seems that 2008 was a real turning point for all kinds of comics. There were new magazines starting then, and lots of opportunities, and then it all came crashing down. It was a lot easier to be enthusiastic about things back then. Shame.)

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  1. Brandon Hanvey Says:

    Thanks for the years of support, Johanna.




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