How to Make Webcomics Sequel on Kickstarter

I recommended How to Make Webcomics when it was released back in 2008. It’s essential reading for anyone interested in the field or format.

Webcomics Handbook

Now, Brad Guigar is working on a solo sequel, The Webcomics Handbook, and he’s got a Kickstarter to publish it. It’s already 150% funded, so consider it a preorder for a volume full of lessons he’s learned running since 2009. Some of it is updated content from the first book, while other sections take on the world as it is now (pre-Twitter, as Brad points out in the Kickstarter video), including information on social media and digital downloads.

The increased funding means that in addition to the book, funders get podcast episodes. I find it interesting that Brad is charging an extra $10 to get mentioned as a backer in the book. Perhaps one could think of it as ad space — if you listed your name as your webcomic, you’re getting your link out to a wide audience you already know is interested in the subject. Then again, since the listing tiers are limited, maybe it’s just a matter of space. Either way, I’m backing the book and looking forward to reading it.

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