Little Mermaid Gives Carly Rae Jepsen Another Shot
June 24, 2013

I love one-hit wonders. There’s all kinds of great pop music made by people you never heard from again. I love “Call Me Maybe”; it was the soundtrack of last summer. And it’s not even fair to call Carly Rae Jepsen a one-hit wonder, since she had that other song with Owl City. Yet when I saw the press release for the new special feature on the upcoming Blu-ray release of The Little Mermaid, I cringed a little bit.

Disney releases the Little Mermaid Diamond Edition on October 1, featuring a Blu-ray, 3-D Blu-ray, DVD, and digital copy. As a new special feature, they’ll be including a music video for a new version of “Part of Your World” (written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman) sung by Jepsen.

Now, I just spent a weekend babysitting my 3-year-old niece who loves Ariel (which is odd, because she’s never seen the movie). We watched that clip on YouTube on my phone lots of times, because it was a great way to sit quietly and entertain her. I think it will be very difficult to do better than Jodi Benson’s performance as the young woman yearning to see something beyond what she’s grown up with. I don’t want to judge it until I’ve heard it, but it’s a typical Disney strategy to make music videos with starlets featuring their classic songs, and yet I don’t remember any of them once I’ve put the DVD away.

The 3-D edition of the film was supposed to be in theaters this fall, but Disney has canceled those plans after declining revenue from other 3-D theatrical re-releases.

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Augie De Blieck Jr. writes:  

There are a couple of over-the-top awful ones, too. There’s one in particular that re-imagined a classic Disney ballad as a young Spice Girls-style girl group hip hop number. It was so awful I’ve successfully forgotten which movie that was. Whew.

And when they made the “Proud of Your Boy” number as a bonus to “Aladdin,” they got Clay Aiken to sing it. I can only hear that one as sung by Ashman or Menken as a demo, though…

That all said, “Part of Your World” is the single best show-stopping song in TLM. Wonderful animation, too.


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