Manga Publishers Are Looking for Fan Reviews

The latest Viz email newsletter asks for reader review submissions. They’re looking for content for future newsletter issues, so they asked readers, “Do you have a favorite manga that you wish more people would read?”

That’s not actually seeking reviews, but recommendations, as the submission page makes clear. It asks for “your review of your favorite VIZ manga series”. They’re going to be selective, not publishing reviews that aren’t good enough, and the pieces have to be 75 words or less.

eManga review contest

Meanwhile, eManga is holding a review contest that ends tomorrow afternoon. Review one of their titles, and you’ll be entered in a raffle to win access to one eManga title of your choice. You have to post the review somewhere, though — they suggest their site, a blog, or Tumblr. (So in exchange for a minimal cost to them, one giveaway digital book, they are hoping for lots more discussion of their books across the internet. This situation would be more satisfying if every entrant got a free digital comic.) To enter, you need to send them the link on Tumblr or Twitter.

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