Archie Experiments With New Format

Archie Comics Spectacular: School Daze

Out last week was the Archie Comics Spectacular: School Daze mini-trade/upscale digest. I don’t know quite what to call it, since it’s a hybrid. It looks like a double digest. It’s the same trim size (although with fewer pages — 128 to the digest’s 160). However, it’s got more substantial covers and thick white paper instead of the digest’s newsprint, which might explain why it’s $5.99 to the digest’s $3.99.

It’s also got an ISBN, which means, for example, it’s available on Amazon. The story content looks just like a digest, a loosely themed (Archie at school? like there haven’t been thousands of those tales) collection of reprints from all eras (and fashions). Unlike the digests, there are no pinups or puzzle pages.

This is meant to be more perennial, I suspect, with sales throughout the summer for kids going back to school. The inside back cover features the only ad in the book, and it says, “Now check out these other Archie comics graphic novels!”, suggesting that the publisher sees this as a mini-collection. After all, books keep selling, while periodicals age quickly.

4 Responses to “Archie Experiments With New Format”

  1. Jim Kosmicki Says:

    I am guessing that this is also going to be aimed at the Scholastic Book Fair market. As the supermarket checkout lane slots disappear for Archie, they are doing a good job of trying to find alternative approaches to reprinting their material. The double-double digest version recently of World of Archie was clearly an experiment in size and format, as are the various Best of Archie and Archie 1000 page reprint volume.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Good points. Yes, this is just one of several things they’re trying out. I personally don’t care for the bigger page counts at the smaller sizes, because it’s near impossible to see the whole page without damaging the spine, but I can see how smaller sizes are great for smaller hands, and the large page counts seem like tremendous value.

  3. Michelle Says:

    My daughters are both huge fans of the double digets and I have been looking for a way to bring them into my libraries in a way that is economical and reader friendly. This sounds like a great option!

  4. Richard Says:

    Is it the same size as Manga? That might be the game plan they have in mind.




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