Do We Need Comic Book Writing Software?

ComiXwriter is a Kickstarter project to create scripting software specifically aimed at comics and graphic novels.

ComiXwriter logo

It’s about a third funded with a little under halfway of the time spent. With a buy-in of at least $45 to get the software, which is due next February, it may seem a bit more expensive than the usual Kickstarter comic rewards — not to mention that there are free alternatives to this hypothetical product, and people seem resistent to paying more than a few dollars for software these days. Yet having a dedicated program to the field may be an asset to those who need to use it every day. There are a few recognizable names in the backer list, and I’m sure many more envision this being just the tool they need to start fulfilling their dreams.

It’s a plus that Steven Sashen is involved, since he’s previously created a similar product, Scriptware, word processing software for film and TV writers. I’m curious to see whether this Kickstarter makes it.

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