It’s Safe to Go to Dragon*Con Again

Finally! It only took a dozen years, but accused child molester Ed Kramer has finally been dumped by the Dragon*Con board, so he will no longer get a share of the popular convention’s profits. (Although he got an unspecified buyout. I’m guessing a large one, since his share of the corporation was worth over $150,000 in 2011, and that’s just the yearly income.)

What changed? Well, a very well publicized boycott led by author Nancy Collins looked like it was going to significantly affect attendance this year. She drew unwanted attention to how much money he was continuing to get from a convention partially aimed at young people, making him an unwelcome association. Heidi MacDonald reports that Collins has called off the boycott after getting confirmation that Kramer was really out. (The first version of the press release merely stated that the organization had “offered” to buy him out, leading to confusion and a need for clarification.) She also reports that Kramer plans to sue.

Update: According to Robot 6, previous buyout attempts were priced about $500,000.

One Response to “It’s Safe to Go to Dragon*Con Again”

  1. Thad Says:

    Go Nancy.

    And I hope everyone who said “I don’t think she should organize a boycott because x, y, and z” (where x, y, and z were usually excuses for the real reason, “I want to go and not feel guilty about it”) takes a minute to reflect on it. Boycotts ARE important, and they CAN make a real difference.

    And kudos to the Dragon*Con board for doing the right thing.




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