Yellow Peril Now Selling Digital Collections

I first heard of Jamie Noguchi’s Yellow Peril webcomic strip back in 2010, when he exhibited at SPX. It’s a slice-of-life workplace comedy starring Kane, a designer for a bureaucratic conglomerate; his buddy Bodie; their project manager, Ally; and Julie, chef at their favorite lunch restaurant.

Yellow Peril: Back to the Grind

Then, it didn’t become a must-read for me, but now, I’m a follower, because I read a big clump all at once. Jamie has released Back to the Grind, a digital collection, on comiXology, and reading the first eight storylines (“Case of the Mondays” through “The First Date”) made me want more. I could relate to how Kane feels about difficult work demands and managerial meetings. Plus, the “collected edition” features additional sketches, author annotations on particular strips, and a section on putting together the cover. It’s very reasonably priced, for 128 “pages”, at $1.99 — or the Kindle version is only 99 cents!

Jamie has plans to do another collection soon, and I’m looking forward to Volume 2. I want to keep catching up! (There are apparently print collections as well, but I couldn’t find links on his website, so maybe he only sells them at cons.)

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  1. Nicola Says:

    Thanks! I just can’t *do* webcomix, but love to read the collections. Too good a price to pass up so I just bought this one. Thanks for the heads up!




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