Omaha the Cat Dancer Picture Disc

Since I’m celebrating the conclusion of Omaha the Cat Dancer, I thought I’d mention an oddity related to the series.

In 1988, Kitchen Sink released an Omaha picture disc, a record printed with art. Well, it was “Ordinary Records, a division of Kitchen Sink Press”, but close enough. Weirdly, there was also a Will Eisner Spirit picture disc as part of this line.

Omaha the Cat Dancer picture disc

The LP contents were 11 songs by the Shakers, a band that included Reed Waller and Kate Worley as guitarists and vocalists.

  1. They Call Her Omaha
  2. Cry Out Loud
  3. Cinnamon Jam
  4. Catseye
  5. Rhythm Blues
  6. The Kiss and the Knife
  7. Goofus and Gallant
  8. Sassafrass Jones
  9. Wildcat
  10. Window on the World
  11. We Kept on Dancing

Thanks to Joe Rosales, who bought the only one of these I’ve ever seen, I heard the songs back in the day, and they’re not bad. In 2004, Waller digitally remastered the music and was selling a CD/MP3 version (with an additional track), but I can’t find any links to it now.

Until a legit source resurfaces, here are a few samples, made from a cassette tape circa 1989. These are not the full tracks — it wouldn’t be right of me to share them — but they should give you a flavor of some of the content. Here’s part of the first track, “They Call Her Omaha”, which explains the backstory of the title character.

“Wildcat” was the song that featured in the comic itself, the one that Omaha danced in the video for.

“Cinnamon Jam” is just my favorite of the tracks. I love the feeling of a low-key weekend escape with friends. (Every other chorus, by the way, says “music and apple pie”, not “drugs”.)

5 Responses to “Omaha the Cat Dancer Picture Disc”

  1. Jim Kosmicki Says:

    at around this time, Tim Truman put out an album that tied in to his “Scout” series I believe. It was solid Texas Blues.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, interesting! I wonder if there were any others.

  3. Cassie Says:

    I managed to get one of these as part of my Omaha collection, as did a friend of mine at the same time. A store here had three of them (The third one had sold before we got there), We copied his album once for a tape copy, and saved mine for a CD copy that never got made, so mine’s never been played. I’d love to find the MP3 tracks too.

  4. Derek Says:

    I picked up a copy of this on CD from Reed at a convention several years back. I would guess that he still has them for sale at convention appearances, although that’s purely a guess.

  5. Reed Waller Says:

    I found a few downstairs and have put the disc up on eBay, with a CD included.




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