Is R.I.P.D. Another Example of the “Dark Horse Curse”?
July 20, 2013

I hadn’t realized that some people think there’s a “Dark Horse movie curse“, given that the comic company is the source of the hilarious The Mask (which showed many people what Jim Carrey could do) and the imaginative actioner Hellboy. (And no matter what anyone says, I liked Mystery Men, plus Dark Horse wasn’t even the first publisher.) Criticizing them because projects do well, so people rush out crappy sequels, seems to miss the “doing well” part of that equation. I may not care for Sin City and 300, but lots of people did. So no, there’s no curse.

RIPD movie poster

This weekend, though, people are racing to declare R.I.P.D., based on a Dark Horse comic from over ten years ago, the latest big-budget flop (after The Lone Ranger and White House Down, which I liked). It cost over $130 million, and it’s showing in 3-D (which usually juices numbers with ticket surcharges), but right now, it looks likely to not even crack the top five films this weekend.

More damning, Universal delayed critics’ showings, which is never a good sign. Based on the current Rotten Tomatoes rating of 11%, they knew what was coming. The popular attack is calling it a Men in Black ripoff, only with ghosts instead of aliens.

It can’t be that bad, can it? Personally, I like seeing Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, and in a smaller role, Mary-Louise Parker (who’s opening against herself in Red 2). Anyone seeing R.I.P.D. this weekend? (If no one answers, I guess that confirms the predictions.) I wanted to, but I can only make time and energy for one over-the-top action comedy a weekend.

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argo plummer writes:  

My 13 year old wants to see it, so we will probably sneak to see it Mon or Tues at a marines. He liked the trailer, he likes Ryan Reynolds from Wolverine and Green Lantern (which he realizes aren’t great films, but he likes him in them) and his appearance on Scrubs and he knows Jeff Bridges from the first Iron Man. He and I both acknowledge it’s a Men in Black rip off, but we’re hoping it will be ar least a little fun. We’ll let you know.

Also, don’t forget Will and Jaden Smith’s movie when counting summer flops! I can t even remember it’s name.

Johanna writes:  

I look forward to hearing what you think!

After Earth is the movie you’re thinking of. I don’t like to mention that one because a buddy sort of worked with it. :)

Mark S. writes:  

Took my daughter to see it this afternoon. She asked to leave 2/3 of the way through. It wasn’t horrible, it was just boring. Thoroughly predictable, you know who the bad guy is going to be. You can almost quote the dialogue before the actor says it. A couple laughs, some decent special effects and no effort at all put into the script.

Ursula writes:  

i went to go see it this evening with my mom, it was as bland as people are saying it is. wish i could have swayed her to go see pacific rim instead. ):

Johanna writes:  

Thanks for sharing your experiences — I’m sorry to hear that it’s as bad as people are saying. I was hoping for one of those “critics hate it, but it’s a fun ride” action films.


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