Digital Manga Guild Expanding to Foreign Editions, Hiring a Lot

Digital Manga is hiring for a Multi-Lingual Editor/Production Coordinator to be responsible for “forming and setting the foundations for our DMG-the Digital Manga Guild: Foreign Editions division.” According to the job posting, Digital Manga’s plan of having fans translate books for a possible percentage of the profits (if any) will be expanding to the following languages: Chinese / Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, and Arabic. That’s ambitious. I guess if you have your customers do the work for you, it’s easy to go global.

The right candidate will need to be able to translate, “juggle multiple tasks”, deal with foreign licensors and publishers and acquisitions, translate contracts, and produce and edit books. (Is it typical to hire someone to translate contracts based on language instead of legal knowledge?) Those are a LOT of requirements and a lot of responsibility, before we even get to the “nice to haves”: ebook knowledge, social media marketing, press release creation, graphic design, and HTML. Oh, and you can’t be squeamish about adult material, since that’s an increasing part of the line. Plus, you’ll work in Gardena, California.

If you just like the adult material part, they’re also hiring a Hentai Manga (Adult) Marketing Specialist. That’s not all — Digital Manga is on quite the hiring spree, looking for an ebook Production Associate, a Graphic Designer/Production Associate, interns, a part-time Accounting Assistant, stock clerks, freelance translators, and a PHP programmer. Those are only the ones they mentioned in their newest newsletter; there are even more listed at their jobs page.

I find it a little odd for a small company to be hiring across so many core areas of their business all at once, and I’d be very curious to see how low the pay is they’re offering when they’re asking for so many qualifications. (An assumption on my part, based on how many openings they have.) If I was exploring any of these positions, I’d be sure to ask in the interview why the opening was available, if they were replacing someone who left or expanding or what.

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