Digital Manga Releasing Tezuka Weekly Online

If you’re willing to read manga on computer and you’re a fan of “god of manga” Osamu Tezuka, this is a Golden Age, as Digital Manga has been releasing Weekly Astro Boy Magazine.

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Don’t be fooled by the title — the series reprints several of Tezuka’s most famous series. Each issue is over 100 pages of stories, including Black Jack, Phoenix, Dororo, and of course the title series. Later issues include Buddha and Adolf.

Unfortunately, it’s not available for download, but only for online reading, so no taking a bunch of issues with you on a trip and bingeing. And the pages have been flipped to U.S. left-to-right reading order, which some will find a plus and others will decry for lack of authenticity. (Brigid Alverson clarifies: “some of the stories read left to right while others read right to left”, which seems bound to disappoint everyone.) At $5 an issue, this is print-level pricing, too, but if you ration yourself, you can recreate the serialization most manga is subject to.

The series ran over 80 issues, with Digital releasing five issues a week, and they’re using the English translations originally used when the books were published by Viz, Vertical, and Dark Horse. Now that it’s harder to find manga in bookstores, it could be a great way to sample before buying the collected editions.

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