Neon Alley Expands to Computer Access

As of last month, you no longer need a PlayStation or an Xbox to access Neon Alley, Viz’s direct-distribution anime channel.

Neon Alley logo

Now, you can access the programming from Mac and PC computers (Microsoft Silverlight required), although you still have to pay $6.99 a month. There is a one-week free trial, if you want to test how it works and ensure that you don’t have technical issues. (For free anime, visit

This month, Naruto Shippuden has new episodes in HD, and Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Beginning debuts August 11. New series coming later this fall are Magi and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, described as “the dark magical girl phenomenon”.

From the press release, “Neon Alley is specially designed to be studio agnostic, featuring titles from other anime producers and content distributors, including Aniplex, FUNimation, NTV, Taiseng, and Anime News Network. The channel’s diverse schedule includes a mix of action, adventure, sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy, and horror anime, uncut and dubbed into English, and presented in HD (when available)”.

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