Viz Bringing Monster Back Into Print

Viz has announced at Otakon this weekend that they will be bringing Naoki Urasawa’s Monster (originally released in English from 2006-2008) back into print as 2-in-1 deluxe omnibus volumes. (If there’s clarification on what that means, I’ll update when I get an official announcement, which will likely be coming next week.) That takes the series from 18 to 9 books, a more reasonable number to collect and read.

With the conclusion earlier this year of Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys, it’s a great time to make his suspense series, about a doctor who sacrifices his career to stop a mass murdering child, available again. Urasawa is immensely skilled at both character development and cinematic pacing, all told through gorgeously detailed artwork, and Monster, with its pulpy premise, is a better starting point for some readers than series like Pluto (although that’s my favorite of his work).

Also announced at the show, now that the series has just concluded, was a Bakuman box set that will include a minicomic and a double-sided poster.

Update: Anime News Network says that the Monster re-releases will be titled Monster: The Perfect Edition, priced at $19.99 US each, and debut in July 2014 with others following every three months.

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