The Last West SF Comic Available Through Kickstarter

Regular readers know that I rarely plug Kickstarters, but this one looks good enough (and safe enough) that I don’t mind. Plus, the concept is intriguing.

The Last West #1 cover

The Last West is an alternate history. It begins in New Mexico in 1945, where a key atomic test fizzles. As a result, as the creators put it, we get “a world in which all cultural and technological innovation has ground to a halt… and only one man knows why.” Yes, it’s the story of a lone science hero trying to put right what once went wrong. But what fascinated me were the scenes of a world without computers, where the 1940s never went away.

Lou Iovino and Evan Young are the co-creators and writers. Interior art is by Novo Malgapo with covers from Kody Chamberlain. It’s very good, by the way. An early scene showing how a university might work in this world in stasis gave me the flavor of Indiana Jones teaching class, with well-developed characters and good storytelling. And what passes for Google is hilarious, particularly if you like retro flavor!

I’ve already read the first two issues. They’re done, which makes this a good time to Kickstart the rest of the run, since the creative team have shown they know how to work together.

The pricing is very sensible. Individual issue PDFs are $3 apiece, with print copies $5. That’s in line with the current market (instead of putting out a standard-sized comic for $10 or more, as I’ve seen others do). There are various combinations beyond that if you want t-shirts or posters or a bunch of other types of merchandise, but just getting the comic is straightforward.

The project is already funded, at twice its goal, so at this point (with a week left to go), it’s just a preorder. This is the second try, so clearly, the team has learned from experience. (This time, they’re asking for $3800 instead of $45,000, a much better choice.) The digital release of the issues will begin in November through Alterna Comics. Note that this effort covers the first five issues of a planned 10-issue series.

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