More on KC’s Comic History Course and Finding a Textbook

KC says hi

KC’s latest Westfield column expands on his upcoming comic history course. He talks more about how it came about and wonders what he can use as a textbook. Suggestions are welcome! If you have an idea that fits the criteria — in-print overview not focused on just one publisher or genre or era — please leave a comment.

3 Responses to “More on KC’s Comic History Course and Finding a Textbook”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Woo toughie… The Comic Book History of Comic Books by IDW was great, but a little too short for a class.

    I haven’t read it but A Complete History of American Comics Books by Shirrel Rhoades sounds interesting(and was in 2008 so fairly recent) but is pricy. $116 for HC and $43 for paperback. Though with young relatives in college, they tend to pay $100 or more for books these days.

  2. Johanna Says:

    The Comic Book History is a fabulous idea, thank you! That has real possibility.

    As for the other book, since this is an enhancement course, not a traditional academic one, I wouldn’t want to ask them to spend that much — and frankly, it sounds like course bait anyway, written just for that purpose. I’d be leery until I saw a copy.

  3. Tim Rifenburg Says:

    I was going to suggest The Comic Book History of Comics as well. I picked it because besides being a concise overview / history of the industry, the art apes various styles and representations of characters. I was trying to think of an anthology that had different stories and genres represented but couldn’t really think of one. I was thinking a Greatest stories of Batman trade because it would showcase styles and stories through the years. It deals with one super hero character though. Definitely a class that would interest me if I lived in the area.




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