Want More Shojo Manga From Vertical? Better Buy Limit

The Vertical Tumblr — where like Kodansha, Vertical answers fan questions — has some disheartening news in a recent post. They were asked about sales of Limit by Keiko Suenobu. Unfortunately, they haven’t been good, so

unless something changes we will most likely not reprint this series. Furthermore, I do not think we will pursue more Suenobu works, or many shojo works in the future.

I found the series uneven, but I’m glad I got a chance to check it out, and I hate the idea of one title’s poor performance meaning less shojo overall.

Anyway, if you’re interested in Limit, you should buy the books sooner rather than later, because they’re unlikely to be reprinted. And if you want more chances taken on shojo titles, there might be additional benefit.


  1. Oh dear, what a time to be dirt poor. Or else I’d buy the entire series in one go! I do hope the Limit manga doesn’t go OOP before I get paid again! I loved Vitamin by Keiko Suenobu so I’m sure I’ll love Limit.

    At least Vertical is being open about which titles are likely to go out of print, which is something I like to know. Vertical and Kodansha are two publishers that are absolutely owning transparency and reader interaction in social media, and I love them for it.

  2. Most definitely! Openness and responsiveness are terrific.

  3. Cali_leo_girl

    I just picked up volume 1 at Barnes & Nobles today. I was surprised because I never seen it in stores until today. Made me happy. :)

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