Batman Is Brave!

This adorable board book for ages 1-3 has a simple but reassuring message.

Although “nighttime can be scary” and so can monsters, “Batman is not afraid”. Kids can learn from his example, although they don’t have the advantage of his Batrope, Batcycle, or other cool gadgets.

The chunky pages are typical of kids’ books, while the shaped outline, highlighting the cover Bat-signal, makes the book stand out. The art is firmly in the style of the Batman cartoons, square-jawed hero and all.

Although there is one page featuring classic villains — Joker, Catwoman, Riddler, Poison Ivy, and Clayface — there is no actual conflict in the book, for parents that are concerned about encouraging fighting or punching.

The text is repetitive, with simple sentence structure. That’s comforting for kids and fun to read aloud with them. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

2 Responses to “Batman Is Brave!”

  1. James Moar Says:

    “Batman is not afraid”

    Mind you, Batman is a bit of a headcase, so…. :)

  2. hapax Says:

    When my son used to have nightmares, I bought him a Batman figure (NOT a doll!) to sit on the headboard of his bed. I promised him that if “bad guys” came into his dreams, Batman would help him stay safe.

    Heh. Son is now a senior in high school, but I notice that he didn’t throw away the Batman when we were cleaning out the attic this summer. I’m tempted to buy him this book Just Because.




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