Blood Brothers #1-2

Blood Brothers #2 cover

Cover by Juan Doe.

Something this action-packed and light-hearted shouldn’t need three writers, but maybe they play off each other to create the humor. Or maybe they’re using a writers’ room-kind of setup, because the miniseries — it concludes next issue — feels like a movie pitch. That doesn’t make it unentertaining, though.

Nick and Tree are vampires. They’re also slackers, eking out a living as enforcers for a bail bondsman in Vegas. (They can do the job at night.) In between Tree giving Nick grief for caring about Jill, his human girlfriend, there are amusing flashbacks to stupid things they did together in history. These single-panel gag interruptions keep the tone funny while reinforcing Nick and Tree’s friendship and loser status.

There’s lots of action, particularly once some crazy rich guy decides he needs Nick, the descendent of a famous, powerful vampire, for a spell to give himself eternal life. Plus, the dialogue has plenty of character, keeping the plot from being a standard revenge and recovery chase, once Jill gets kidnapped.

2 Responses to “Blood Brothers #1-2”

  1. Mark Says:

    I think the vampire genre is even more played out than the zombie stuff. But I guess like anything else, there’s a demographic that continues to lap it up in spite of it all. Given the sales on recent vampire themed books, it would seem that demographic is shrinking.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I feel very much the same way, which is why I was surprised I liked reading this. The vampire thing here is just a way to explain the “bored and lived too long” attitude of the leads.




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