Jenni Gregory Returns to Comics With Summoner

Summoner by Jenni Gregory

I really liked Jenni Gregory’s Dreamwalker series (which ran from 1995-1999), so I was thrilled to see that she’s now back making comics! Summoner is about a woman (and her dog, Ghost) who can talk to the recently deceased.

You can buy a print copy (although at $3 + shipping for 16 pages, it’s a bit pricey — and you can’t see how much shipping is until you create an account, which is poor design) or better yet, download the digital version for free (without having to register).

I hope to see more of the Summoner series. This first issue introduces the character and her purpose, but her work with the police and some questions about the setting are unanswered, with information yet to come.

You can also download Dreamwalker #0 for free. It explains the concepts of the series and serves as a great starting point — but unfortunately, there isn’t anything beyond that available as of now. Hopefully in the future, Gregory will digitize more.

2 Responses to “Jenni Gregory Returns to Comics With Summoner”

  1. ~chris Says:

    I bought a copy of Summoner #1 directly from Jenni (who is wonderfully nice BTW) at WonderCon Anaheim and also hope to see more issues. As with DreamWalker, I like the gentle strength of the main character.

  2. Johanna Says:

    “Gentle strength” is a wonderful way to put it, and a great summary of what sets Jenni’s work apart.




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