NEA Arts Has Interviews With Clowes, Spiegelman

The latest issue of NEA Arts, the quarterly magazine of the National Endowment for the Arts, has several comic focused-pieces you may be interested in. The focus of the issue is “some of the pioneers of art forms that have struggled to find acceptance by the mainstream”, so including comics seems right on target.

In the print edition (and also online), there’s an interview with Art Spiegelman, granddaddy of prestigious independent comics. Online as a web feature, there’s a conversation with Daniel Clowes. That one’s a little obvious, talking about how he first got into comics and the changing perception of the field, but that’s probably necessary for non-comic-familiar arts patrons. (In non-comic features, readers may also be interested to note an interview with David Chase, creator of The Sopranos.)

My favorite piece, though, was this one-pager by Josh Neufeld, from a previous issue about innovation:

Artistic innovation by Josh Neufeld

(And because these materials are government-funded, they’re free of copyright restrictions, so I can post this here, too. Yay for arts grants!)

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