Knuckleheads, one of the Monkeybrain digital comics released through comiXology, is about a slacker slob superhero. I figure that this character type, the guy with powers who really just wants to play video games all day, stems from the edict, “Write what you know.”

Knuckleheads #1 cover

Brian Winkeler writes and Robert Wilson IV draws the story of Trevor K. Trevinski, a guy with what looks like brass knuckles made of rock candy stuck on his right hand. We don’t know exactly how it got there, and neither does he, since he was drunk at the time. It gives him superpowers of some kind, but all he does with them is cheat at video games. Not sure how that works, exactly, since it isn’t explained. That’s one of the quibbles I had with the story.

The idea that he and his buddy Lance don’t really know what this gizmo can do is one with story potential, but it also runs the risk of being treated too often as a deus ex machina. An undefined alien artifact quickly becomes a “get out of any plot complication free” card, and as a reader, I’d feel better with more power definition early on.

Also, with such familiar characters and dialogue, I hope the creators bring something a lot more unique to the story soon. This first arc is lightweight and forgettable, much like the guys’ evenings, although entertaining in the moment. Lance and Trev and their pizza delivery guy fight a giant alien monster and rescue a hot drunk English chick (who doesn’t have a name).

The part of the book I found most interesting were the artist’s notes about how the book has changed since the first attempt to publish it (issue #1) and designing covers for online comics (issue #2). As with other Monkeybrain titles, each issue is 16 pages for 99 cents, although that includes cover, credits, pinups, and about pages, making each chunk of story only 10 or 11 pages. Issue #3 is due out on Wednesday, concluding the first arc, with future issues planned to arrive every 6-8 weeks. There are preview pages from the first issue online.

If you’ve been craving a superhero sitcom featuring characters like those you’ve already seen before, or if your sense of humor is not particularly demanding, this title is right up your alley. Otherwise, I’ll wait to see if Winkeler and Wilson make the leap to doing a bit more original material with these guys in future issues. (The creators provided digital review copies.)

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  1. Willy Nilly Review Says:

    It seems to resemble what’s going on in society. They call today’s society the Me generation. Unfortunately it tends to be a self focused time. And this comic seems to reflect that. It’s interesting that they keep fighting monsters. Maybe he can go out and help fight crime or something. It does look kind of funny that he fights in his bathrobe and slippers. Not your conventional superhero to say the least.




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