Give to the Hero Initiative for Jack Kirby’s Birthday

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As you probably know, the Hero Initiative is a charitable organization “dedicated to helping comic creators in medical or financial need”. I think it’s a shameful thing that so many pillars of the industry need such help, due to low wages during their working years, no good medical care payment system in the US, and lack of royalties paid for foundational work and concepts. However, saying how things should be doesn’t change that there are a number of creators who do need help, and the organization needs to raise funds to be able to provide it.

Tomorrow, August 28, would have been the 96th birthday of Jack Kirby, the man without whom the Marvel universe wouldn’t exist. In his honor, his granddaughter is leading the Kirby4Heroes campaign. Certain comic stores (list at the link) will be donating a percentage of their sales to the organization that day. Additionally, forty comic artists will be creating art to be displayed at and later auctioned to benefit the Hero Initiative. (Thanks to Sean Kleefeld, who has posted his own tribute, for bringing this to my attention.)

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