Marvel Sells Spots on Its Press Release List With Marvel Unlimited Plus

Marvel Unlimited, the all-you-can-read subscription pass service that doesn’t get as much press now that Marvel is selling digital issues individually through comiXology, is getting a premium version.

Marvel Unlimited Plus pack

If you buy Marvel Unlimited Plus, at $99 a year, you get access to the same 13,000 digital comics but you also get:

  • Collectible Plus Member Kit – Age Of Ultron Edition. The kit includes “a limited edition Hasbro Marvel Legends 6” AU Variant Ultron figure, an exclusive variant copy of Age of Ultron #10 with art by superstar artist Salvador Larroca, a collectible Age of Ultron comics box, and a personalized member card!”
  • “Access to breaking Marvel news as it goes to major news outlets!” (Why read Newsarama when you can be on the press release list with them?)
  • A 15% discount at the Marvel Digital Comics Shop
  • A 10% discount at
  • “Interact with top Marvel talent at exclusive con events with special exclusive merchandise and other surprises.”

Oh, and according to the press release, members also “cement their place as true members of the Marvel Universe, gaining unprecedented entry to their favorite characters, creators, merchandise, and more!” So, you know, a REAL fan would give Marvel more money!

This looks to me like a Marvel version of D23, the Disney fan club where you pay money for the chance to attend events where you can buy more “exclusive” things. Then again, it’s only $30 more than the yearly comic access fee of $69.

6 Responses to “Marvel Sells Spots on Its Press Release List With Marvel Unlimited Plus”

  1. Willy Nilly Review Says:

    It looks like a good deal. The Plus features for getting 15% off digital comics and 10% off the Marvel Store is probably worth it. It looks like they are listening to fans, if they wanted more they just got more.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Do a lot of people both buy the digital comic subscription AND individual digital issues, though?

  3. James Schee Says:

    I’m scratching my head. What is the Marvel digital comic shop? A I missing something? I’m guessing it isn’t like Image’s where you can buy pdfs of the issues.

    I wonder how big the box is? Could it hold graphic novels? Though Infinity is confusing to me. I read some of the buildup stuff, the digital comic and first issue and I still don’t really know what’s going on. Earth’s heroes and some alien races are fighting these other alien races who want to do something. That Thanatos has a part of.

  4. James Schee Says:

    Oh this is for Age of Ultron anyway… uhm yeah didn’t really understand how the resolved that either. Plus shouldn’t they be promoting whats going on now not back then?

  5. Johanna Says:

    Age of Ultron = next Avengers movie. There’s going to be many more mentions of that for a while.

    Marvel has their own branded comiXology app, where you can get only their issues. I think the purchases still show up in the main comiXology app, though.

  6. James Schee Says:

    Oh yeah I forgot that was the name of the next movie. That’s what happens when you promote thing SO FAR in advance though. lol It is why when I saw everyone going nuts bout Aflleck as Batman in a movie not to be released until 2015 I scratched my head.

    I hold my anger until something is at least 6 months in range of coming out. :)




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