My Favorite Kind of Webcomic

I’ve come to realize that my favorite kind of webcomic are those in what one might call the “confessional therapy” style. They’re the ones where someone works through their insecurities and concerns in a way that ends up being inspiring to the reader, along the lines of “if they can get past this, my worries aren’t so bad, and I can survive them as well.” Here’s three examples:

Connie to the Wonnie, a daily status update where Connie Sun worries about being a loner in a big city and whether she’ll ever meet someone. Here’s a recent classic.

That strip reminded me of how, in amongst some amazing food comics, Sarah Becan’s I Think You’re Sauceome would tackle issues of self-esteem that demonstrated the artist’s growth over its three years.

The first of this type I found was Ryan Dow’s Introspective Comics. It’s sparser and less artistically attractive than the other two, but no less honest. Since he’s now in a serious relationship, the strip doesn’t seem to update as often, but that’s a nice tradeoff for him.

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