Avery Fatbottom, Renaissance Fair Detective

Avery Fatbottom, Renaissance Fair Detective

Jen Vaughn has joined Monkeybrain Comics with the evocatively titled Avery Fatbottom: Renaissance Fair Detective. So far, there’s just the one issue — and no detecting yet — but it’s a fun introduction to the world of the renaissance fair.

Although young, Avery is responsible for running her family’s fair, and the first issue shows her touring Benn through it on their third date, along with her buddy Gwen. Just like the fair itself, it’s bawdy and goofy, captured with flair.

The fluid, sketchy art is full of attitude and expressive, conveying mood (for the people) or setting (for the events) with just the necessary lines. Even though I’ve been to a few fairs, years ago, I didn’t previously know about axe-throwing or fox tails. A lot of this is fun to read from a cultural perspective, learning about a subgroup and its rituals. Then the elephant shows up, and I’m eager to learn more about what he’s doing there and why he’s falling down.

You can see sample pages as part of this interview with Jen.

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