Marvel’s Original Digital Comic, Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted

I talked, a couple of weeks ago, about some of DC’s original digital comics. By comparison, their competitor, Marvel, has only one digital original that I’m aware of, Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted.

Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted

I’m late talking about it (since I don’t care much for it; for why, keep reading). The series runs weekly and launched in early July, so there are eight installments available already (out of a planned 13). Although Marvel sends you to their site, you can also get it through comiXology. It’s $2.99 an issue, which I find expensive, although today only, the first chapter is on sale for 99 cents.

The main problem with it is how familiar it is. It’s promised to lead into a new status quo, with ramifications in the comic titles, but anyone who’s seen the Wolverine movie will find the setup something they’ve seen before.

Wolverine is in Japan. He’s attacked by ninjas. They leave him with arrows sticking out of his back. (Does all this sound like something you’ve seen before?) A Silver Samurai shows up in issue #3, and Wolverine rescues a traditionally garbed Japanese woman (who’s still capable of some fighting herself) in #5. By #6, there’s a fight on top of a bullet train.

Why this happens and who’s behind it isn’t explained sufficiently for new readers, as Brigid Alverson points out in her review. The narration is overwrought and by emphasizing action over character, there’s little here for those who liked the movie for being more than a collection of fight scenes. It also plays into stereotypes of comics being only for overgrown adolescents. The story is written by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour with art by Yves Bigerel, Paco Diaz, and Scott Hanna.

The next Marvel Infinite Comic, as they term these, will be Iron Man: Fatal Frontier, launching in October and featuring a race to the moon with Doctor Doom. (Sounds like a song.)

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  1. Willy Nilly Review Says:

    Well it sounds like they probably should have called it the movie adaptation of The Wolverine. Well at least each issue has more than the standard 22 pages. Wolverine seems to be everywhere and in practically every comic lately. Was he cloned? How can he have so many adventures? Well I guess he is just very popular.

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    […] will debut in February as the company’s newest “Infinite Comic” (following Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted and the mostly-ignored Iron Man: Fatal Frontier). Marvel uses “Infinite Comic” to […]




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