Total Drama All-Stars Premieres September 10
September 7, 2013

I’m not familiar with the Total Drama cartoon, although it shouldn’t surprise me that, with SO many “reality” competition shows on TV, there’s an animated parody version.

Now, just like the “real” shows do, favorite characters from past seasons are being reunited to compete again in Total Drama All-Stars, debuting on Cartoon Network September 10 as the first of this 13-episode season.

Judging from the promos, like the one below, this will make more sense to viewers of previous episodes, but I like the blocky design with the thick black character definition lines. And the theme song, which sums it all up by repeating “I wanna be famous.”

The premiere episode, based on the screener I saw, explains everything and introduces the cast, including who likes whom and what the challenge will be. There are even inserts of the characters talking to the camera and elimination ceremonies, just like Survivor.

I do wonder… we still watch cartoons made up to 70 years ago without caring that we don’t recognize the settings or references. How will viewers in 30 years react to something like this? Kids always remember the favorites of their childhood, regardless of how situational they are.

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ShadZ writes:  

Nice to see this series getting some promotion. I love it!

Interestingly, it looks like the USA is getting this season several months before Canada (it is a Canadian series, so it usually shows in Canada first, then the USA).

James Schee writes:  

Huh I’ll have to give this a look, as I liked the first 2 seasons quite a bit. (it spoofed the worst of reality shows cleverly)

I preferred the 6teen animated show that came out at about the same time more, but this was good.


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