Viz to Raise Digital Manga Prices in October

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According to Publishers Weekly, Viz Media will be raising prices on their digital manga beginning October 1. Instead of $4.99 a book, titles will be $6.99.

Since print volumes are $9.99, digital prices are going from 50% of print to 70%. Other manga publishers sell their digital titles at higher prices, so this still keeps Viz competitive. But if there are a number of Viz titles you wanted to buy online, this month would be a good time for a shopping spree.

The cited reason was that this was

“a difficult decision, but one we need to make to keep up with the cost of gathering great digital manga. Manga purchases by fans worldwide help support hundreds of artists, writers, editors, producers, and now engineers who bring you this great content in digital form. These contributors pour their hearts and minds into bringing this content to you, and your purchases allow us to compensate them fairly.”

However, they promise two new platforms for digital availability coming in the next few weeks. VizBig omnibus editions will also have a price change on October 1, but no specifics were available.

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  1. Just finished reading Bakuman volume 5. Would cost $75 to buy them digitally all at once now, or $105 with the price hike. Or could try to find them from the library for free (and hope they’re in half-decent shape)…

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