What Xena Meant to a Former Model
September 10, 2013
Jennifer Sky as Amarice

Jennifer Sky as Amarice

I regret that I wasn’t interested in Xena: Warrior Princess when it was airing, because it sounds like just the kind of show I’d love.

I feel even more that way after reading this story by Jennifer Sky, a former teen model who played a supporting role on the show. It’s short but disturbing in its portrait of how fashion models are bodies, to be used and discarded (more and more quickly), but she found a new hope in the TV show and its heroes:

Xena, however, was also special. It was feminism at work, with female lead characters who were unapologetically powerful and sexy. During my time on the show, on six episodes from the fourth to the fifth seasons, I kicked butt….

Gender was not relevant in the Xenaverse. There, a girl or a boy could be a warlord or a farmer, a bard or a sad sack needing protection…. I never forget how much we all need our heroes and heroines, our mythical gods, our warrior princesses.

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