Burroughs Family Launches Webcomic Adaptations of Tarzan, More

Robot 6 reports that Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. has launched six webcomics featuring the writer’s creations: Tarzan (by Roy Thomas and Tom Grindberg), Pellucidar (by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle), Carson of Venus (by Martin Powell and Thomas Floyd and Diana Leto), The Eternal Savage (by Martin Powell and Steven E. Gordon), The Cave Girl (by Martin Powell and Diana Leto), and The War Chief (by Martin Powell and Nik Poliwko). The first two are (or will be soon) new stories, while the last four are adaptations of the novels (with updated narration and dialogue).

The Cave Girl by Martin Powell and Diana Leto

Now, I’m not much for old-fashioned he-man adventure, so these don’t sound like must-reads to me, particularly at the price: $2/month (via PayPal) for weekly updates. It’s not that that’s pricey, particularly — it’s that I would maybe read these for free, but not more. There are samples available at the site, though, and if you’re interested in the content, it’s a reasonable price.

However, it got me wondering about what happened with last year’s lawsuit, where the ERB company sued Dynamite over using the public domain material in their comics. Perhaps this is a way of maintaining and reinforcing the company’s control over what is, after all, some very old material that can be used by anyone.

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