Top Shelf’s Annual Sale Includes Recent Releases

Can’t go to SPX this weekend and wallow in indy comic goodness? How about, as second best, shopping from the annual Top Shelf discount sale.

Top Shelf sale

Every year around this time they have a big sale in order to close out the convention season (I’m assuming) and raise funds for the next year. If you’re looking for deep discounts, they have a bunch of graphic novels for $3 each, including some that have list prices of $30! That group includes both classic works and new releases, so it’s not just the old and dusty. From that section, I recommend:

There are also a number of Alan Moore works available at substantial savings, including

  • From Hell – $20 instead of $35 (and pick up the Companion for $3 more)
  • Lost Girls – $25 instead of $45 for the single-volume edition
  • Unearthing – $25 instead of $75 for the oversized hardcover

Most impressively, the hot new books are all half off, including Monster on the Hill (good read, I’ll be talking about it soon) and the much-covered memoir March. Sale runs through Friday, September 27. Retailers will get their wholesale discount on top of the sale prices.

I’m curious to see if the books will be similarly discounted at SPX, but buying them through the website might be smarter — although you pay postage, it’s one less stack to carry home!

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