The Princeless Juggernaut Continues With New, Cheaper Jumping-On Points

In the current Previews, there’s a cheap, convenient option to try the much-praised action fantasy Princeless.

Princeless #1 Encore Edition ad

Action Lab is making the first issue of the series available for $1 as a jumping-on point. You can order this specially priced “encore edition” with Diamond code SEP13 0829 from your local comic shop for delivery in November. Writer/creator Jeremy Whitley is adding a new introduction as well.

In following months, issues 2-4 of this first miniseries will be available for order at the reduced price of $2.99 each. Then comes a full-sized version of the collection (which was previously printed at digest size) at a lower price, gearing up for the beginning of Volume 3 in April. Jeremy talks more about future plans in this interview at Robot 6.

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