What If There Was a 1940s JLA Movie?
September 15, 2013

This Tumblr post is genius. If you like classic movies and superheroes, you’ll get a kick out of this fantasy casting poster for the Justice League of America vs. their major villains, including;

Jane Russell as Wonder Woman!
Fred MacMurray as Captain Marvel! (of course)
Errol Flynn as Green Arrow!
Hattie McDaniel as Amanda Waller!
My favorite, Barbara Stanwyck, as Lois Lane!

About the only one I’d argue with is Joan Bennett as Black Canary — I’d prefer the brassier Joan Blondell. The villains are just as right-on — click the image to see!

Classic JLA movie casting

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Ali T. Kokmen writes:  

Amusingly, I was recently reading some old JLA comics and thinking about the team’s renewed movie prospects when I found casting suggestions in a lettercol from 1977. The writer suggested: Peter Lupus as Superman; Gary Lockwood as Batman; Lee Majors as Flash; Don Galloway as Green Lantern; Frank Converse as Green Arrow; Jo Ann Harris as Black Canary; Julie Newmar as Wonder Woman; James Caan as Hawkman; Jan-Michael Vincent as Atom; Ken Howard as Elongated Man; and Doug McClure as Aquaman.

What’s more, in his response, Bob Rozakis points out that in 1963, letter writers had suggested: Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. for Supes; Vince Edwards or Robert Taylor for Bats; Edd Byrnes or Troy Donahue for Flash; Roger Smith or Edd Byrnes for Green Lantern; Bobby Darrin for Green Arrow; Carole Wells or Tuesday Weld for Wonder Woman; Michael Landon or Dean Martin as Atom; and Troy Donahue or Lloyd Bridges as Aquaman.

Fan-casting: fun for every generation!

Johanna writes:  

What neat historical notes! Thanks for sharing those.

Jim Perreault writes:  

Cute idea ; although if it was in the 40s I would much rather see a JSA movie ( certainly could use much of the same casting).


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