Looney Tunes Airing on Boomerang Cable Channel Starting Next Month
September 28, 2013

You’d think Warner would air Looney Tunes cartoons on Boomerang, its 24-hour animation channel dedicated to classic cartoons, but apparently, they haven’t run there since May 2007. That’s changing, though, starting October 5. Looney Tunes will be running in a one-hour block on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7 AM Eastern. (So, that’s two hours out of the 168 in a week. It’s a start.) Tune in early — or set your DVR — to catch Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and other favorites.

Looney Tunes ad art

The classic Looney Tunes cartoons were made over almost forty years, from 1930-1969, and there are just over a thousand of them, so I expect they’re going to stick with the best-known and best-respected for a while. The debut cartoons on Saturday are “Hillbilly Hare” (1950 Bugs), “Tweet Dreams” (1959 Sylvester and Tweety), “Hip Hip-Hurry” (1958 Road Runner), and “Rabbit Hood” (1949 Bugs). Sunday brings “Napoleon Bunny-Part” (1956 Bugs), “Scrambled Aches” (1957 Road Runner), “Ain’t She Tweet” (1952 Sylvester and Tweety), and “A Witch’s Tangled Hare” (1959 Bugs and Witch Hazel). I don’t know when we’ll start seeing the other characters shown in the promo art.

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Anthony writes:  

I’ve read that Turner supposedly has to pay the WB side of the company for the rights to air Looney Tunes, thus their lack of being telecast as often in recent years (a lack of “synergy” between the divisions of Time-Warner). Cartoon Network proper’s been airing them again for awhile, however, during the daytime hours, either the originals or “The Looney Tunes Show” incarnations.


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