Superman: Peace in the Balance

I previously talked about another “Choose-Your-Fate Adventure Book”, Wonder Woman: Power Outage, which I didn’t care for. Thankfully, the Superman entry, Peace in the Balance, made more sense for that character. (The third one is Batman: Super-Villains Strike.)

You make decisions as Superman and Clark Kent, who’s been sent to a space station to cover a worldwide peace conference. The villains are Brainiac 2.5, Lex Luthor, and General Zod. Like the other books, you sometimes solve word finds or ciphers to get hints on which choice you should make. They aren’t often obvious (or arguably, correct).

As with the other book, there are uncredited line art illustrations in the Adventures cartoon style. There’s not a lot of character content, just whether or not you choose to battle villains, or how, or flying back and forth to the space station. It’s not a story so much as a game book, a puzzle toy to entertain a child briefly. (The publisher provided a review copy. Publisher rates book as aimed at children ages eight to twelve.)

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