But You Like Really Dated?!

I’m not sure who’d want to shell out for But You Like Really Dated?!, a shallow list of celebrity couples and other gossipy tidbits.

If you care enough to know who all the people covered are, you likely already know most if not all the references. If you don’t, you’ll find the book mindless pap with little actual content. It’s like a hit-chasing celebrity headline website in print form. The illustrations are bobble-head caricatures with cut-and-paste bodies, adding minimal visual interest. (A paper doll book would be better suited to them, I think.)

Maybe young readers will find it interesting to think about Warren Beatty or Elizabeth Taylor or some of the couples of the 80s, celeb hookups long before their time, but more likely they’ll consider it ancient history. As popularity moves so fast these days, the book is almost instantly out of date. For instance, Paris Hilton, #1 on the list of those who’ve been associated with a LOT of other celebs, made me think, “oh, yeah, she used to be a big thing”. I also wondered why Wilmer Valderrama wasn’t on the list, but author Ryan Casey seems more interested in focusing on women who’ve widely dated.

There are also sections on sex tapes, “WTF Couples”, the “Oscar love curse” (where women who win wind up single), and some fantasy date matches. The only use I can think of for this book is keeping it in your bathroom. Not just because it’s that kind of mindless quick reading, but because reading too much of it will make you feel crappy for wasting your time. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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