Two Comic Kickstarters Worth Buying: Persimmon Cup and Nutmeg

Persimmon Cup Kickstarter

Longtime buddy* Nick Bertozzi is running a Kickstarter to publish his now-completed webcomic Persimmon Cup (which is still online, so you know what you’re buying ahead of time). He’s only $1000 away from making hardcover collections of the comic, six years in the making, so his prospects look good.

*He worked at the comic book store where I shopped in the early 90s. Then we both wound up at DC before finding more satisfaction elsewhere. Life is funny.

Nutmeg Kickstarter

Nutmeg, on the other hand, is brand new to me, but I’d like to see more. Their Kickstarter seems expensive — $8 for a 20-page print comic is pricey — but I like the characters and premise. (I was given an advance PDF copy.)

It’s a “mean girls” story, with a brownie bakeoff at a girls’ school in the late 60s. New girl Cassia Caraway inspires Poppy Pepper to finally take on queen bee Saffron Longfellow and her Lady Rangers in a series aiming to run 18 issues. (I hope they have more of a plan than “keep Kickstarting”, because I suspect that won’t cover them for the whole run, although they are aiming at a reasonable goal for this one.) This is a first issue, so expect setup, not resolution. The art is good, though, with a distinctive look, and the situation has all kinds of promise.

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