KC Recommends Binge Comic Reading

In KC’s latest Westfield column, he remembers the lazy hammock days reading stacks of comics and compares those binges to today’s multiple-issue runs:

I guess that I’m weird in that I find it more tedious to read a single issue of a comic book that isn’t going anywhere than reading 50 where the story and art are so compelling that you can’t stop reading. That’s what current creators should be striving for. Don’t give your readers a reason to stop reading. But that doesn’t mean stretching a single story out to ridiculous (and thin) lengths.

You can also see an OLD picture of him, back in the DC editing days, and find out how he destroyed a comic without meaning to with his danger hands.

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  1. James Schee Says:

    My first binge reading was the V$ Legion of Super-Heroes. I had picked up the issue where the Earth was destroyed and was curious enough (and had $ enough) that I bought the entire run prior to it to read over a weekend.

    Currently I’m binging on the Byrne era/Post COIE era Superman, I just got past the Exodus in Space storyline which included the annual that got me reading Superman in the first place. (Superman with a beard & loincloth was something I had to try) Last night I finished the Superman vs. Flash (Wally) issue, and realized how jerky Superman could be at times even Post Crisis. (“I’m basically racing against Kid Flash”)

    Before that it was Batman era when Tim Drake was introduced to just after Dixon left the Robin series.

    Upcoming I will revisit the Impact Comics line and some of the early CrossGen stuff. It just feels more rewarding to read stuff in bulk like this as you say, given how things come together, or you see how things fall apart or even improve.

    After Byrne left for instance, I thought the supporting cast, Lois especially, really started to shine really well. I can’t think of anything, except maybe Gillen’s JITM which I read in one sitting a few months back, that has that kind of reward.

    Usually quite the opposite really. (Johns GL I enjoyed month to month, but when I tried read in bulk I noticed too many times things I found interesting got short shrift)




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