On TV, the Howling Commandos Are Now Monsters
October 3, 2013

I’m old enough that when I hear “Howling Commandos”, I think of Sgt. Fury’s WWII soldiers. However, for Halloween, Marvel Entertainment appears to have confused them with DC’s Creature Commandos. Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween Special airs Saturday, October 5 at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central on the Disney Channel.

It features Spidey teaming up with a “Howling Commandos” that consists of Frankenstein’s Monster, the Living Mummy (because a dead one wouldn’t be much help), and Werewolf by Night (this makes me laugh, because “Werewolf by Day” would be stupid). Plus, Blade, voiced by Terry Crews, and Man-Thing appear.

I didn’t know that Werewolf’s name was Jack Russell, but that fits right in with the kitsch. He’s voiced by Ross Lynch, while the Mummy is by Oded Fehr (The Mummy). Marvel provided this description:

Spider-Man and his team must work alongside the infamous vampire hunter, Blade, to stop Dracula from obtaining a mystical Egyptian relic that will allow him and his vampire hordes to conquer the world. Fury realizes that Spidey may need some extra help and calls on his other team, a supernatural group of heroes, the Howling Commandos, for this special Halloween mission.

If you have other things to do on Saturday night than watch Spider-Man cartoons, the episode will rerun on Disney XD on Sunday, October 13, at 11 AM Eastern/10 AM Central. Or watch the first half for free via iTunes.

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David Oakes writes:  

Mid 2000’s (?) they did this in the comics, possibly inspired by DC, but mostly to renew Trademarks. For a while, you had two versions of Gorilla Man and two Groots running around the MU. Then Paul Cornell came in and re-did their plots, better, in MI13.


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