Neon Alley Celebrates Anniversary With Catch Up Feature

Neon Alley, Viz Media’s pay animation channel that is available through game consoles and the web, is celebrating its one-year anniversary by adding a requested feature.

In addition to “Watch Live” English-dubbed anime programming, they’ve added a web-based “Catch Up” option (which sounds similar to On Demand cable programming). Shows will be available on Catch Up the day after they premiere on the channel, and “every episode carried by Neon Alley will be available for a minimum of one week after its initial premiere.” Catch Up will be coming to the game platforms later this fall.

The new season of programming starts October 18 on the PlayStation3 (PS3) and PlayStationNetwork, the Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE, and PC or Mac web access (Microsoft Silverlight required). It includes the return of Ranma ½ to North America as well as premieres for Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Revolutionary Girl Utena. In addition to the animated series, on October 20, Chikara, a “live-action American Luchador-style wrestling series… that plays like a comic book come to life”, launches. Here’s trailer for the upcoming season:

This week, until October 10, you can get a free two-week trial if you sign up via

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