A Visual History of Superman in Two Minutes
October 14, 2013

Entertainment Weekly has posted this two-minute history of Superman, based around his most famous visuals, done by Bruce Timm and Man of Steel director Zack Snyder.

Of course, the commenters aren’t happy. They don’t like Jimmy Olsen getting more of a cameo than Lois Lane. They don’t like how Dean Cain wasn’t included at all, when Lois and Clark was the first exposure to Superman for some current viewers. I tend to agree with both criticisms (particularly when they made time to include the pixelated Atari video game as well as Superman-Red/Superman-Blue), but then, I expect that the prominent inclusion of Man of Steel will look dated within five years (while the horrible “75 years” cutout logo already does). The biggest positive for me is the way they mimicked notable artists’ takes on the character, so Superman *looks* different to match the ways he was drawn over the years. Plus, Super-Pets!

The short will be included on the Man of Steel Blu-ray in November.

5 Responses  
James Schee writes:  

Saw some folks in a Legion group bummed that they weren’t included either. I was surprised about Lex.

Anthony writes:  

I’d have liked a (Kal-El) Superboy nod myself… and yeah, a bit more of Lois/Lex would’ve been nice. Otherwise, nice video!

Ed Sizemore writes:  

I found it a touching homage to Superman’s history, myself. Given it’s length, oversights were bound to happen. It would be fun to let a couple more film makers give it a try.

Johanna writes:  

That’s a great idea, Ed. I’d love to see a sequel involving other pieces of Superman’s history, or other characters, even.

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