The Art of Getting Started

Defeating procrastination and finding ways to engage creativity are goals that any writer or artist can appreciate a helping hand with. This small paperback aims to spark imagination and get creators going.

The best way to get an idea of what The Art of Getting Started looks like is to visit the author’s website, where he’s posted sample pages. The whole book is like that, sparse pages that contain creative activities, the artistic equivalent of conversation starters. You can move through the book until you feel unblocked or ready to go, or treat it like a fortune teller — open pages randomly and see what ideas the activity inspires in you.

I like the inspirational quotes best, the equivalent of a friendly pep talk. Particularly the beginning set of advice:

“Start every task.
If you don’t like one, start another.
Don’t be afraid.
There is no wrong.
You cannot fail.

It got me writing again, and thinking about what I wanted to write and why. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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