Beyond Anthology Accepting Queer Science Fiction/Fantasy Submissions

Beyond is “a queer sci-fi/fantasy comic anthology” that is now taking submissions (through December 15) for a publication date in 2014. It’s edited by Rachel Edidin & Sfé Monster and will be crowdfunded. Contributors already lined up include Blue Delliquanti, Janet K. Lee, Jenn Manley Lee, Carla Speed McNeil, and Dylan Meconis.

Beyond anthology logo

They’ve got a great website that explains just about everything you’d want to know about the project and process, including thorough submission guidelines. (Although the navigation bar on the right side needs to be scrollable, for those of us on laptops who can only see half the links.) There’s even a cute comic that introduces the project and explains its purpose.

Best of all, they will pay (pending funding) $50/page. It’s so great to see projects with important purposes that do what they can to get creators compensation!

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