Design a Middleman Look, Win Comics and DVDs

I love The Middleman! It was a much-missed, much-too-short comic-based TV series. (But one returning in comic form, through a crowdfunding campaign.)

Now, Project: Rooftop has announced that The Middleman is the subject of their latest redesign contest.

Project Rooftop Middleman contest

Due to the nature of The Middleman, artists have free reign to re-imagine the Middleman in various time periods and cultures. In the comics we’ve seen Middlemen from the Victorian age to barbarian times in addition to the well-known modern-day Middleman. And remember, Middleman can be female or male. Whatever era you choose, remember the key part of the Middleman’s cannon: black trousers, white shirt, green jacket, black tie and boots.

Comic creators Javier Grillo-Marxauch and Les McClaine will be judging the contest, and prizes include Middleman graphic novel/DVD packs. The first place winner will have her design featured in a future comic issue. Entries are due by December 4, and the contest link has more rules on how to submit.

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